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Money Making Blondes
The core – let’s get into the building blocks and create
money making long-lasting blondes.
We’ll unlock the mystery of Blondes
building is WAY easier than you think . . .
if you have the recipe.
We’re going to give you the foundations to eliminate
wasted time with issues of brassiness.
In this class we will cover:
  • 5 Steps to Perfect Color Formulation
  • What is your true Natural level
       and what does your eye not see?
  • Influence of the underlying pigment
  • Which developer and why
  • Single process applications verses double
  • Determine the color direction and harmony
  • Texture and structure (condition) of the hair
  • Common blonde problems and solutions
Manipulating colour formulas to achieve subtle tonal
variations is a skill, and blonde is hugely expressive -
from cool buttery blondes to platinum blondes and every
combination in between.
Learn how to lift and tone your client's new or existing colour and achieve predictable blondes every time 
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